Relationship Status?

The month of February and love are synonymous.  When you were in elementary school…the school calendar was always decorated with snowflakes for January, leprechauns for March and of course hearts for February.  February naturally makes us think about love.

As a single female among married/engaged/long-term relationship friends, you would think I am going to write about how to be content in singleness or wait for the big picture guy or work on becoming the “right person” but jokes on you…cause I am totally not.

This February and this year, I am focusing on my love relationships with my friends.  I’ve always been a woman that cares about her friendships and puts a lot of effort into them (just ask me about all my bridesmaids’ dresses) but recently God has placed a desire on my heart to really dive deeper in my friendships.

I had the opportunity to go on my church’s high school winter retreat this past month and the theme was “The Fight.”  How our Christian walk is a fight against sin in our lives.  One session focused on fighting for our friends and something the speaker said really resonated with me.  She said, “The devil will get you in one of two ways.  First, by convincing you that what you are doing is ok.  Second, by isolating you and making you feel alone.”

The second point really hit home with me. In my times of great struggle and pain, how often did I allow isolation and loneliness pull me to places I never saw myself going?  And its not that my friends left my high and dry, but I often was not transparent in my struggles.  How can someone fight for you when they don’t know there’s a fight?

So God is pushing me, challenging me, to fight for my friends.  Be vulnerable. Be intentional. Be present.  My friends and small group probably think I’m crazy because I’ve mentioned multiple times about the vision I have for what these friendships can do for future generations.  I feel confident that developing these kind of friendships will change marriages, workplaces, parenting, and future generations.

During that same session, the speaker shared an illustration regarding soldiers in war.  She stated that in the past, soldiers were taught to dig cover for two.  Not just a cover for themselves, but a cover for themselves and their fellow solider.   I hope we all have friendships that reflect that same value…always creating shelter for others.

Obviously, it was only fitting for me to spend my Valentine’s Day weekend with my lady friends.  New friends, old friends, and my favorite friend (my momma)…oh, and getting my hair did.  Cause sometimes you need your friends and some pampering.

Lucky to have these sweet friends to laugh with! Courtesy of the lovely Claire Marie Photography.  See more here:
Lucky to have these sweet friends to laugh with! Courtesy of the lovely Claire Marie Photo. See more here: