This one has been so hard for me to hit the “publish” button on.  I think because its so personal to me and because I am afraid that the words I write will never be adequate enough.  However, after chickening out last night and posting about my friend’s accidental nudity instead, I am finally pulling the trigger.

This weekend is my sweet momma’s birthday.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how blessed I am to have a mom like her.  I think it all started when I came across a photo from a family vacation we took a few years ago.  At the time I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and was a total brat.  I didn’t realize it until a lot later, but she was personally going through some deep struggles at the time.  But that’s the thing about my mom, we had a great vacation and she loved me through all my unnecessary brattyness, even though her own life wasn’t peachy at the time.

first grade


As I look back over the years of my life, I can truly see the love of God through my mother’s love for us.  I have never met someone so willing to put others before herself.  As I am typing this, she is went and bought a family McDonald’s and filled up their gas tank.  My mom, who never missed a field trip, cheerleading competition, doctor’s appointment (she still wants to come with me to see my endocrinologist, we all have to leave the nest sometime though, mom. Ha!)  I used to think this is just what mothers do for their kids.  As I’ve grown older and met people outside of my small little bubble, I realize that is not the case.  I used to think that maybe she just has the sweetest personality and that’s why she loves like she does.  And don’t get me wrong, she is the sweetest, but what I’ve realized in the past few years is that she has no concept of loving others in any way different than the way Jesus loves her.

She is remarkable.  She is a lover and distributor of grace, maker of cheesy chicken casserole, author of corny jokes, homecoming queen, and reflector of Jesus.  I am so thankful that has God has opened my eyes, on this side of eternity, to allow me to see how truly blessed I am to have her as a mother.  I am lucky to spend the rest of my earthly days thanking God for this great blessing and serving her.

Also, she’s had to endure a lifetime of hearing that I look just like my dad. Clearly, we were little bowl cut twins.

twin2 twin1

If I am a tenth of the Christian, wife, mother, friend, worker, and woman she is (or even get a tenth of her metabolism), I will have succeeded in my time on earth.  Happy Birthday, Momma!


Also, if she weren’t already bordering on sainthood.  She chaperoned three boy crazy 16 year old girls on a cross country road trip with hundreds of other high schoolers (aka lots of boys). Love her brave heart.