Ok, so almost three years ago, to the day, some of my best law school girlfriends and I graduated from law school and decided to head to Las Vegas to celebrate.  This was back in the days of still taking pictures on a digital camera (the good ole days) and our last dinner of the trip we were passing around my digital camera looking at our pictures from the trip.

Well, girls, you know the only person you really care about in the picture is you.  We will put some not-so-great pictures of our friends on Facebook if its a good picture of us and always reassure “but you look so good!” or “no way, you look really skinny there!”  So this picture passing extravaganza was not any different.  A certain group picture was looked at by 4 different girls before getting to the last girl who said, “this is a good picture, but my whole boob is out.”  No big deal.  We all had just looked at this group picture and only cared about what we looked like because lemme tell ya, its not like the nudity was hard to miss.

While this is now a running joke with all my friends and i, its so often a picture of my life.  I’m so focused on looking at myself, how do i look to the rest of the world, what are my problems, what am I dealing with, that I’m blinded to whats going on with the people around me. Like the old saying goes “take time and smell the roses”…”take time and see the boobs around you”

No worries, fully clothed
No worries, fully clothed

Also, as if the fact that we all missed the initial nudity wasn’t bad enough, I didn’t delete the picture off my camera and accidentally uploaded it on Facebook and promptly got a text message saying “911 FB emergency. You have a full breast in your Facebook photos”

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