Besties for the Resties

I am participating in my first five minute Friday post.  Five Minute Friday is the creation of Lisa Jo Baker, another blogger, and every Friday she posts a prompt and participants write about it for five minutes then stop.  No editing.  Unscripted.  Real.  Her prompt for today is Friends, hence my lame title (but, I’ve always had an urge to use the above title on social media sooooo … time like the present).

Ok….so I’m setting my timer and here goes nothing.

 I’ve been doing a devotional by Beth Moore called “90 Days with the One and Only”  It’s all about the life of Jesus.  One of the first devotionals is about the angel Gabriel coming to Mary to tell her she would give birth to our Savior.  Clearly, a very intense moment for Mary.  In the middle of this profound news, Gabriel seems to slide in this tidbit about Mary’s cousin Elizabeth being pregnant as well.  I’ve never given that portion of the text anymore thought until I read the devotional.  Beth Moore points out that even in the moment of announcing that Mary would deliver Jesus Christ (seriously, what a moment!) God provided for her comfort.

See, God knew that Mary would have a lot of emotions, thoughts, etc. about this news and He provided for her.  He gave her a friend that was going through a similar experience (Until this pregnancy, Elizabeth had been barren and by society standards waaaay toooo old to be preggo).

God provides us with friends.  He goes out of his way to give us comfort through his people.  Never has this been more real for me than over the past week.  I am so blessed to have friends that love Jesus and love me.  God provided me with some wonderful friends that give me truth and love.

Ok…shew my phone alarm is beeping.  Ignore spelling or grammar mistakes.

I’m going to post a few pictures of my friends…I’m sorry if I left someone out in a picture, I’m trying not to post a whole album.

Caitlin on the left and Brit in the middle
Caitlin on the left and Brit in the middle
Megan on the left and Kristian on the right
Megan on the left and Kristian on the right

3 thoughts on “Besties for the Resties

  1. I am new to blogging and love the prompts from Lisa Jo’s five-minute-fridays. Thanks for sharing the devotional. My blog post today was a little about how friends come and go in your life based on when you need them. Hits home with the scripture you just shared – so thank you!

    • Leann, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I went over to your blog and read your post and loved it. Thank you for sharing what so many women feel. Keep up the great posts!

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