Jesus Wants the Rose!!!

The Second Lie:  I’m Not Worth The Pursuit

Once again, this post is the product of a fantastic sermon by Perry Noble of Newspring Church.  Here is the link.  I encourage you all to watch or listen.

Women, let’s be honest…at the core of our being, we all want to be pursued and fought for.

Think about it…why do we love “chick flicks?” They’re all the same. Man meets woman.  Some kind of obstacle/conflict comes up between them.  The man continues to pursue her and fight for her through that conflict.  The end:  he wins her heart.  We love them because deep down we all want to be pursued and fought for.  We want someone to love us so much that they crush every obstacle and come after us. It’s not wrong to feel that way.  The challenge is just to submit your emotions of how you feel to what God says.

So what does God say?

God created Adam and he created all the animals.  But…God said something wasn’t good.  Genesis 2:18 “It is not good that the man should be alone.”  This is the first time God said something wasn’t good. Not only did God create Eve, he pursued a relationship with her and not just because she was good (remember, God knew what Eve would do and created her and pursued her anyways). God doesn’t pursue us because we’re good.  He pursues us because he’s good.   “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8). We have a God in heaven that is fighting for our hearts. “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent” (Exodus 14:14)

That concept of God pursuing us and fighting for us is hard for some to believe.  It’s hard because we compare God to the men in our lives and some of us have had some pretty crappy men in our lives.  You always hear the term, “daddy issues.”  I have been blessed to have an earthly father that strives to love me like my heavenly Father does. But some of you haven’t…maybe you had an abusive father, so you think God is abusive.  Or maybe you had a father that didn’t show you affection, so you see God as cold and distant.  Some of us have had so pretty stinky men that we’ve dated or been married to.  I have a very loving earthly father, but I have been in some relationships where the man gave up on me and our relationship.  I struggled through feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness.  Perry Noble says, “Don’t compare God to the men in your life; compare the men in your life to God.”

Man Message:

Adam pursued Eve.  Think about it…Adam was in the Garden of Eden.  He saw sunsets, mountains, oceans, beautiful animals BUT he didn’t say word.  The Bible tells us that Adam didn’t speak a recorded word until God brought Eve to him.  Eve was that beautiful that she moved Adam to words.  When he saw her he was bursting with emotion!

Since Adam pursued Eve, what does that mean for you? Perry Noble says, “The number one thing a man can do to pursue a woman is GET A JOB!” Adam had a job because Eve did not want to live in your parent’s basement or your car.

You need to pursue women. Go after her like a man!! Let me tell you, pursuit is not a text message that can be taken either way.  I love what Perry Noble says about those types of text messages, “that is you (men) trying to inflate your male ego and you’re toying with the emotions of a daughter of the King and He’s not happy about it.”  I can probably speak for most dating women when I say if you want to go after me…do it like a man.  Don’t send me some weak sauce text message “maybe we can hang out tonight…my friends are coming over…you can come too” Take me to dinner.  Open the car door for me.  Get to know me. Be intentional with me. Spend time with me.  Fight for my heart.

What happens when we don’t feel pursued and fought for:

When we don’t feel pursued and fought for we typically compromise. In Genesis 3:1 Satan tempted Eve by feeding her lie that God was holding out on her.  Eve had everything you can think of…perfect fellowship with God, perfect relationship with her husband, she was in the Garden of Eden AND she was naked and it didn’t bother her (aka she didn’t feel fat. Bingo!).  Eve took everything that God had for her and turned her back for a piece of fruit.

What a bad trade, right?  I will be the first person to tell you that I’ve been Eve.  I’ve turned my back on God to date a piece of fruit.  Some of you are still dating a piece of fruit (sorry, men…if that made you nervous it’s probably because you’re a piece of fruit).  Love what Perry Noble says, “If God gave some men to some women in here today, the woman would not say thank you Jesus, but why me God”  In his sermon, Perry says the reason why women compromise in this area is because we find our identity in that relationship and its success instead of in God.  I think he was really just directing that comment to me.  I know that I am the guiltiest of finding my identity in relationships instead of in Christ.  I try to find happiness and fulfillment in that guy instead of in God and let me tell you, that guy is always going to fail you because he is an imperfect human being.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to learn this the hard way, but I am thankful for the pain because it has brought me true contentment in Christ. Success in a relationship always comes in surrender to God first.


Jesus is Proof That I’m Worth the Pursuit

A blood-stained cross and an empty tomb are proof enough.  Perry says, “When we look to other places we are just putting an emotional experience over a biblical one.” After Adam and Eve sinned, the Lord pursued them to bring them back.  Genesis 3:9 But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?”

Please, please, please watch this clip from Matt Chandler’s sermon.  It is such a vivid picture of God’s pursuit of you.

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